Two Days in Grand Teton

Two Days in Grand Teton

On my whole 10 day trip to Yellowstone, I couldn’t not visit Grand Teton. It actually ended up being my favourite part of the whole trip. We dedicated 2 (and a half) days to exploring this area, there was definitely more to do but we mostly managed everything on our list. So here is what we got up to!

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As you turn the corner at towards Jackson Lake you see an amazing view of the Grand Tetons. We found a little overlook that had a meadow overlooking the lake. It was such a beautiful day and I was honestly so shocked at how stunning it looked. The park had it’s own sign to welcome visitors so you knew when you were getting close. Grand Teton was very much like Yellowstone in that there was virtually no signal. As you get Closer to Jackson city, there was a much stringer signal. We relied on our paper map that you get given when you go through the ranger gates and our GyPSy Guide app that we downloaded.

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The next stop along the way was Jackson Lake Overlook. Another pretty place to see great view of the Tetons, up close and from a distance. There was a short hike on this walk which was worth it. The Teton Range is part of the Rocky Mountains and it the youngest set of mountains on the Teton Fault line. They are really unique because there are no small foothills and they appear to just come straight up out of the ground, this makes for a clear and perfectly unobscured view of the range.

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Our GyPSy Guide told us to turn off the main road and drive up to Grand View Point. This is probably the best view at 7,823ft of the whole Teton mountain range. I think you can hike up this massive mountain, in fact we saw a lot of cyclists doing it. We decided to have a little picnic up here as there was a cute area to eat. There were so many butterflies up here, it was stunning. If you are strapped for time i do still recommend you take this detour. It doesn’t take too long at all and it is worth it.

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Jenny Lake was without a doubt my favourite place to explore. The way the mountains shoot out of the ground here is very apparent and so beautiful. The lake is perfect for a swim and we ended up taking a boat trip across to some hiking points. You can walk around the entire lake if you have time, but we didn’t so we opted with the boat. The boat itself was lovely, we got to see the famed cutthroat trout of the area and better views of the mountains. Due to COVID restrictions, the boats were half capacity, this meant long waits to get on at both ends. This did waste a lot of time but didn’t cause too many problems with our other plans.

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Inspiration Point Hike

We got off the boat and decided on the hike to inspiration point. On the way up, there was a river and hidden falls. The hike up was rated as moderate on all trails as it was steep. There was an area of rock that was a bit treacherous, so take your time if you are doing this hike. The weather was warm but there were definitely some clouds and it got a little chilly. If you do any research on Yellowstone or Grand Teton before you go you know that the weather can change quickly so bare that in mind!

Hidden falls

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The view from inspiration point was…inspiring! No, seriously though, it was beautiful. Gorgeous views of Jenny Lake. There were some really friendly Chipmunks up here to.

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Right at the very top, was this tree perched up on a rock. It was a little tricky to climb up but it was worth it. I think the tree just adds something to a standard landscape photography shot, don’t you think?

The final day was a very cloudy and wet one. This was the day we headed up to West Yellowstone for the rest of our trip. Even though it was gloomy, the views were still amazing. I absolutely love this shot of the Tetons rising up out of the cloud cover. We drove down to Jackson, which is such a cool place. There were lots of dining options and the whole place was just lovely. I was sad to see the back of this place!

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My final thoughts on Grand Teton are that it is a stunning place. It is worth exploring and you do not need to dedicate a lot of time to it. It is one of those places that I think is unreal and makes me want to see more of the world. There is so much more out there and I am so inspired to explore.

If you would like to learn more about my trip to Yellowstone, I have a dedicated Blog post just for that here.

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2 thoughts on “Two Days in Grand Teton”

  1. It looks so beautiful! I haven’t been able to go to that part of the US yet, but I would love go one day! Thanks for sharing your trip and all your awesome photos. Looks like you had a great time. 🙂


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