How to plan a trip.

It's hard to know where to begin when you're planning a trip somewhere. Some people can find it very overwhelming and see it as a chore. Planning a trip should be exciting and enjoyable so here is how I do it. ✦ ✦ ✦ Choose your destination. The first step should be obvious but it's… Continue reading How to plan a trip.

Skiing the East Coast – USA

Skiing the East Coast - USA Before I moved to the USA I had never been skiing in my life. My school used to do ski trips to Italy but it was never something that interested me. As far as I am aware there aren't any slopes in England and the people I knew to… Continue reading Skiing the East Coast – USA

The Ultimate Utah Road Trip

Please take precautions while travelling during COVID-19. Follow up-to-date CDC guidelines and check your destination's rules before travelling. The Ultimate Utah Road Trip This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase I may earn a commission. Thanks. It had always been a dream of mine to visit Utah before… Continue reading The Ultimate Utah Road Trip

𝓑𝓸𝔁𝔂𝓬𝓱π“ͺ𝓻𝓢 β‡’ π’©π‘œπ“‹π‘’π“‚π’·π‘’π“‡ 2020 π‘…π‘’π“‹π’Ύπ‘’π“Œ

Boxycharm November 2020 Review WARNING - SPOILERS! Boxycharm for November had a 'Harvest' theme. I really liked the theme this month but I think that's just because of the Autumn vibes, which is my favorite season. This is probably the first time the theme and the items matched. I photographed my products using one of… Continue reading 𝓑𝓸𝔁𝔂𝓬𝓱π“ͺ𝓻𝓢 β‡’ π’©π‘œπ“‹π‘’π“‚π’·π‘’π“‡ 2020 π‘…π‘’π“‹π’Ύπ‘’π“Œ

π΅π‘œπ“π“Žπ’Έπ’½π’Άπ“‡π“‚ β‡’ π’ͺπ’Έπ“‰π‘œπ’·π‘’π“‡ 𝟀𝟒𝟀𝟒 π‘…π‘’π“‹π’Ύπ‘’π“Œ

Boxycharm October 2020 Review Warning - SPOILERS! Boxycharm for the month of October had the theme 'Candy Shop'. This is the first one I have had in October and for some reason I thought it would be Halloween themed. There was pretty much nothing candy related to this box. I have no idea what the… Continue reading π΅π‘œπ“π“Žπ’Έπ’½π’Άπ“‡π“‚ β‡’ π’ͺπ’Έπ“‰π‘œπ’·π‘’π“‡ 𝟀𝟒𝟀𝟒 π‘…π‘’π“‹π’Ύπ‘’π“Œ

Things to do in Upstate New York

Things to do in Upstate New York When you think of New York, you think of the city. Before I moved to New England, I had no idea that New York was a State. In fact before I moved here I had never visited the states for even a holiday. I am lucky enough that… Continue reading Things to do in Upstate New York

𝓑𝓸𝔁𝔂𝓬𝓱π“ͺ𝓻𝓢 β‡’ September 2020 Review

Boxycharm September 2020 Review Warning - SPOILERS! Boxycharm for the month of September arrived more prompt than last months did a few days ago. This month, the theme was 'glam vibes only'. When it comes to make-up, glam is one of my favourite kinds. We saw mostly make-up in this months box which I cannot… Continue reading 𝓑𝓸𝔁𝔂𝓬𝓱π“ͺ𝓻𝓢 β‡’ September 2020 Review

π΅π‘œπ“π“Žπ’Έπ’½π’Άπ“‡π“‚ β‡’ August 2020 Review

Boxycharm August 2020 Review WARNING - SPOILERS! I have been receiving Boxycharm for the last 3 months now. When I lived in the UK I was desperate to get hold of it, but it was unavailable unless you lived in the USA. This months theme was 'goglamping' and I have to say, I loved this… Continue reading π΅π‘œπ“π“Žπ’Έπ’½π’Άπ“‡π“‚ β‡’ August 2020 Review